Some tips to share about the Great Neighbors program with a prospective participant

Great Neighbors is not a service and does not replace the services performed by professionals, social services and home health aids. The purpose of Great Neighbors is to foster multigenerational friendships and strengthen connections to the community for individuals over the age of 70.


Friendly interactions can be through correspondences (letters, email, text…), by telephone, or in-person visits at home or in the community.


All Friendly Neighbors complete a profile, an interview with the Great Neighbors’ staff, and an on-line background check prior to being introduced to an older neighbor. It is important to share that there is no charge for participating in the Great Neighbors program.


If someone wants to participate in Great Neighbors or has any questions – please call!



May I refer an individual to Great Neighbors?


Anyone may contact Great Neighbors with the consent of the individual being referred. It is paramount that you speak with the prospective participant and share the program before contacting Great Neighbors on their behalf.


With the individual’s permission please provide his/her information as follows: first and last name, age, phone number, and address.