What is Great Neighbors?

The Great Neighbors website is an innovative way of using technology to build real-world social networks centered around older adults. The Great Neighbors Program will promote multigenerational friendships and an increased sense of community through neighborly interactions.


This program and online tool, created by our founding organization in France, allows friendly neighbors to log-in and select from a menu of typical interactions. A friendly neighbor might arrange time to enjoy a walk with an older community member, go grocery shopping together, complete a simple household repair, or cook dinner together. A distinguishing feature of the program is that it allows neighbors to share responsibility and service to their communities based on their schedules, abilities, and preferences. The friendships formed are mutually beneficial, there will be an active give and take as friendly neighbors and seniors build their networks.


In 2015 the goal is to start building Great Neighbor groups in Chicago and Batavia, but it’s the enthusiasm from friendly neighbors and older adults that will drive this effort. The potential is limitless.