Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’d like to learn more. Who can I contact?

    Heather Dudzinski is the staff member at Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly who can answer your questions or share more information.

    You can call her directly at 312.604.7234 or call our main line at 312.455.1000 and ask for Heather.

  • Do I need to join Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly to be part of Great Neighbors?

    No. By filling in your information you are registering to learn more about Great Neighbors. Your registration is not an endorsement and does not imply any commitment to stay. You will not be added to LBFE’s mailing list.

  • What am I committing to by completing the registration form?

    Nothing! The form allows us to contact you to meet before you are connected with a senior in your neighborhood and serves as a safety measure.

  • Can I try before I make a commitment?

    Great Neighbors is about you – your preferences and availability. You will be introduced to senior neighbors and can decide with whom you would like to visit and how often.

  • What if I am not available all the time?

    Busy schedule, travel, or other demands on your time … everyone has a life! Great Neighbors was designed to create a community of shared interactions – nothing rests solely on your shoulders. And if you do not want to register for regular interactions, but could be available to lend a helping hand in time of crisis – just indicate that in your profile. It is as simple as that.

  • What do I do if I don’t get along with the person I’m introduced to?

    It’s okay. Let us know and we’ll connect you with someone else and we’ll find a different friend for the senior.

  • What do I do if I am worried about a senior friend?

    First, discuss it with the other friendly neighbors who share a friendship with your senior. It is part of the philosophy of Great Neighbors – to strengthen the neighborhood working together. If you are the only person in contact with the senior, please contact the Great Neighbors program team (EMAIL ADDRESS LINK) for advice and assistance.

  • I’m 70 years old and I would like to be a friend – how can I participate?

    You can be a friendly neighbor reaching out to other seniors and/or you can be a senior who meets friendly neighbors through Great Neighbors. You decide!

  • Can I stop whenever I want?

    Yes, the Great Neighbors program is designed to be flexible and respond to you. There is no formal commitment, and though we’ll be sorry to see you go, just send a simple email and your account will be deactivated. If one day you decide to return, we will reactivate your profile.